Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dreaming of White

We love white kitchens! Krista this post is for you! Remember when you said "Why do you want to redo your kitchen white?" Hopefully these pictures will help you see my vision! One day (hopefully soon) our oak kitchen will be white.

Clean, bright, pretty! Until then we will just have to enjoy these pictures.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vegas Vacation

Hello all! I am finally back again. I wish I had the time to post all the happenings from the past 3 months-which is the last time I made a real post-but we all need to face the fact that is not gonna happen. However, here is a glimpse.

We went to Vegas with a group of friends from our ward over a month ago and we had a blast! I just wanted to share some photos. And while we are at it, lets kill two posts at once! I also chopped my hair over a month ago. I have a good friend who is very talented who did it for me; she did an awesome job! (Thanks Michelle). Anyway, it has been a good change.

By the way, about the hat...I am not sure what possessed him to buy it but while we were shopping at the St. George outlets that was one of Sheldon's buys. When I saw him wearing it I thought he was just messing around with me, but it turns out he really bought it. Despite the fact that I discouraged it (because I think it looks like a pimp hat) all the guys encouraged him. Sheldon wore the hat almost the whole vacation. That hat was the topic of a lot of conversations during the trip but I must admit, it eventually grew on me.