Monday, November 10, 2008

The Hot Soccer Mama's

I have joined an indoor soccer team with some friends and I forgot how much energy you must have to play soccer! However we have a lot of fun and we are awesome! OK, so maybe we are working on the awesome part but by the end of the season we are hoping to be awesome. So together we make up the Hot Mama's. I am not sure because I didn't help with the team name but I think that name was decided on because the majority of the team members have children. There are only a couple of us that don't have kiddos. Here are some pictures from our first game.

Our Team


Hmmm...Sheldon decided to take pictures and get some action shots but this is the only one that was actually in focus. I wonder what Sheldon was doing?

B-Ball...Go Jazz!

Recently we went to a Jazz game with some friends and we had so much fun!!! The game was awesome because the Jazz rocked and there was an unexpected surprise...President Monson was there! He was across the arena from us, and when I say across the arena I mean clear on the other side, but he was easy to pick out because I think he was the only one in the crowd wearing a suit and tie. So luckily I had my camera with me and I used my super zoom to snap a couple shots of him. I kind of felt like a stocker because we took a ton of pictures but it was really hard to get a good shot because he was so far away. Anyway, we had a blast! Thanks Justin and Michelle!!!
Here are some pics...

These were the best shots I could get. Can you find him?
Justin, Michelle, and their little Colby!
CHEESE! Cheering and having fun!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I can't believe October has come and fast! Well, as exciting as Sheldon and I are this is what we decided to dress up as on Halloween night...............

YES, you guessed it we were Chelsea and Sheldon Barlow! Clever huh? Maybe one day when we have children Halloween will be more exciting for us, but for now we just enjoy a date night on Halloween. At least I wore my orange jacket which is better than nothing! Sheldon always tells me I look like a pumpkin in that jacket so I decided to wear it to work on Halloween so I could at least be a little bit festive for my little ones at work. I even thought about putting a pumpkin face on the back of my jacket but the thought never made it out of my head.

The night after Halloween we were a little bit more festive...not by much though. We went to a Murder Mystery Party my good friend Renee hosted. It was so much fun! The theme was based on an Italian family in the family's restaurant "La Sparenza", which was also the murder scene. Each suspect was assigned a character and expected to dress up as that person. Sheldon was Rocco Scarfazzi a mafia like "tough-talking no-nonsense Italian business man" who was the twin brother of the murdered victim Pepi Roni. I was assigned to be Tara Misu who was Rocco's gold diggin' "vivacious young fiancee". Ha ha I love the cheesy names! Anyway, this is what Sheldon and I came up with for our costumes..........

Sheldon was actually wearing a suit jacket too but he had already taken it off. We looked for a mafia looking hat but all we could find was the one pictured. Because we didn't put too much thought into our costumes I think Sheldon ended up looking more like a missionary with a cowboy hat and I ended up looking like a show girl (with clothes) rather than a gold digger that was supposed to be "dressed to kill". All the other costumes looked awesome and I forgot to snap a picture while we were actually at the party. But, we had so much fun!!! Thanks Renee and Wayne, we had a blast! And shame on you Wayne/Bo, you murder you! :)