Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Biking

This weekend's ride was a challenge, but we had a blast! However, Sheldon lost his position as the leader. He sometimes fails to remember that bikes do not have brake lights like cars which can create a problem when I am going full speed behind him and he stops! Sheldon would also like everyone to know that I also experienced my first biff of the year. The sad thing was that I wasn't even riding! We were walking our bikes down a VERY steep slope with boulders that lead into a river. As I was walking down the slope my bike over took me and I went down with it-OUCH! Sheldon laughed and thought it was very comical; I agree it was pretty dang funny.

A Happy 4 Years

This past week Sheldon and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We took a short city getaway to Salt Lake and stayed at the Anniversary Inn, again. We can't believe we are now working on our 5th year. Time seems to have gone by sooo fast! We have accomplished so much together in these past 4 years and we are very excited for all that we will accomplish together in the future. We want to say thank you to all our family and friends who have provided support-Thanks!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Leisure Drive

Sheldon and I love to take drives! Ever since we have been married it has been our informal tradition to take leisure drives almost every week; we enjoy the scenery and each others company. Over the weekend we drove up by the Bountiful "B" on the mountain and caught some amazing views of the city and the sunset, I thought I would share.

Park City Getaway

Krista and Renee left the kids with their husbands so we could have a ladies weekend getaway. Pocket, aka Krista's soon to be born baby, was the only male there!(don't worry, Krista is not naming him pocket that is just what we call him while he is in the womb). Anyway, Park City was beautiful and busy!
We shopped....

Ate candy caramel apples on the hotel beds (messy!!!)....

And had a blast!