Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend at Zions Ponderosa

Wow...this is a super long post with lots of pictures but you gotta love getaways! We had an awesome time this past weekend spending time with friends in Zions. We stayed in a great cabin at the Zions Ponderosa Ranch and Resort and loved it.

Nicole and Colby just chillin'

Celebrating birthdays. Tyler turned 26, I turned 25 and Jake turned 39....oh I mean 29 (haha)

Men making breakfast...yum!

Women waiting for breakfast.

Pictures of us in front and in our cabin.

Just the two of us.

My new friend....

My new love...

Meet Shiloh (in my arms) and Abby (in Nicole's arms). Some employees at the ranch owned adorable puppies. I am still anxiously waiting for my own and had to get my fix on these cuties. Sheldon and I wanted to take Shiloh home.

Riding in the golf cart...why the crazy face you ask? Sheldon decided to hang off the back of the cart while we were moving. I still love him.

Just us making more memories.

Nicole was very proud in this photo because she was about to drive the golf cart. About 5 minutes after this picture she discovered that it wasn't so simple. After it was figured out she did great!

Swimming at the resort.

Sheldon loves playing with Colby...I think the feeling is mutual...?

Sweating it out at the barn dance.

Michelle and Justin after a zip-line ride. So cute.

This is my proudest moment of the trip...I went paintballing!!! I was SO nervous because I had never done it before, Nicole was in the same boat. We almost hyperventilated several times before starting. My hardest hit was from Sheldon of course. I have a bruise on the back of my arm from his ruthlessness! Nicole and Bree, I am so proud of us!

4 wheeling with Bree and Tyler. (I'm really not a midget, Tyler and Bree are just model tall)

At Jolly's Gully. This place had a crazy story but it is too long to write.

Last, Sheldon and I in front of the cabin. The trip was a nice break for the both of us. Thanks for all the laughs friends. We had a blast.

We hope you all had a great weekend too!