Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Thus Far

Now that the rain is finally gone summer is here...yipee! I always take more pictures in the summer, so here is what has been going on with us so far.

First....Emilily arrived on Father's Day! Happy Father's Day Dan!

Oh my she is such a beauty.

Dan and Natalie are such proud parents. Congrats you guys!


Next...Sheldon and I celebrated 5 years together. Time has flown by so fast! Every anniversary we can't help but reflect on all that we have been blessed with throughout our marriage, especially the company of each other! We went to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant in Salt Lake and then spent some time at the Gateway for Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apples (YUM), shopping, and a movie. The weather decided to make our trip interesting. While we were walking around a storm came in out of no where and it started pouring rain! Sheldon being the adventurous soul he is insisted we stay and continue to walk around and shop. I am glad we did because after the storm a gorgeous rainbow appeared and the sky looked amazing.

The sky looked like the painted ceiling of the Bellagio in Vegas.

In honor of 5 years I have included 5 fun facts about Sheldon and I.
1. We met in junior high school.
2. Sheldon and I have NEVER (in 5 years) been grocery shopping without each other
3. We have known each other for almost 12 years.
4. We have never enjoyed a marriage without school..blah...but hopefully soon when Sheldon graduates we will get to see what a life without school feels like.
5. I have never done Sheldon's laundry and he has never done mine AND we plan on keeping it that way!

Every year we like to take pictures on our anniversary so one day we can look back and see the changes. Here is us before and on our date.


Finally...we have cherries, lots of cherries.
We picked 2 huge bowls of cherries off our cherry tree and let our neighbors take the rest. There were SO many. Sheldon and I didn't even notice how many cherries were on the tree and how beautiful they were until a couple of our neighbors came and knocked on our door to let us know that we should pick them or the birds were going to devour them. Our neighbors even offered to pick them for us and then some for themselves. Anyway, Sheldon and I knew that we would never even make a dent in eating the cherries that were on the tree so our neighbors were glad to take some off our hands.

It was raining (surprise) so we had to bundle up!

They were very pretty.

Hope your all having a great summer.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just Bloggin'

I thought I would be efficient and blog while I am watching THE BACHELORETTE. Therefore, your going to have to hear some of my thoughts regarding tonight's episode.

Ed...I like. He seems very sweet and genuine. I think Jill likes him too!

Tanner P. foot fetish guy...I am diagnosing him as a WEIRDO! What was up with him taking her feet and rubbing them on his face in the hot tub tonight? I would say NO ROSE FOR YOU!

Robby...seems innocent. Their kiss was pretty cute. (BTW what is up with all the kissing this season? She is getting physical really early with ALL the men.)

David...AKA the Juan hater. He is just a raging bully. I can't wait until Jill sees his true colors and kicks him out of there!

OK now I will blog.

I had another birthday and turned 25. Time is flying by but I am glad I still have some of my youth. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all those who called, text, or just wished me a Happy Birthday. Sheldon gave me a CHI. Wahoo! I can finally get my wavy, frizzy hair under control with little time and effort. My parents-in-law gave me BEAUTIFUL potted sunny yellow Calla Lillies. If you know me you know I LOVE callas; that was my wedding flower. I am just too afraid to plant them outside because I am scared they will die. I am thinking I will put them in some pretty pots.

Sheldon and I on my bday eating Zeppes, mmm.

Pretty huh?

Next, smores! We pulled our fire pit out last week and made yummy smores. I usually don't even like smores but they were pretty good.

Dan, Natalie and Sheldon (Natalie is about to have her baby the first week of July...she is so small I am wondering if there is really a baby in there.)

Sheldon making a mess...isn't' he good looking? haha