Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recent Happenings

I just realized I haven't posted since the beginning of October! It is just an indicator of how our life has been. Anyway here are LOTS of pictures of what has been happening with the Barlow's, starting with the most recent memories.


Emi and Harli are fascinated with each other. Emi loves grabbing Harli's fur and ears and Harli is so dazzled by Emi's smallness and unique noises she makes. It is so funny and super cute.

Emi just chillin'. She is the happiest and most content baby I know.
She looks just like a mini Dan (but more feminine).


We have also been trying to get use to the bitter snow. Actually I should say except Harli because she loves playing in it. She just hasn't quite picked up on the fact that Sheldon and I are not diggin' it.

It is too cold when we have to bundle up in several layers (literally several) head to toe just to take our pup on a walk.


On Halloween we went galactic mini golfing and had a BLAST. Bree had the brilliant idea to get our camera out and snap some fun shots with the black lights and crazy colored props.

Needless to say, I think things got a little out of hand...

(I am pretty sure Bree was the brains behind this shot too.)
Thanks for the fun and late night Bree and Tyler!


Next...this is what our yard looked like way back in October.

If you are wondering, NO it did not snow in October. Our yard only looked like this because we have one of these...

She looks ashamed in this picture for a reason. This was Harli's second, and thankfully last episode of naughtiness (if you saw the previous post you saw her first episode of naughtiness). I had put her bed outside in the shed for her to lay on during the day while we were gone at work because it was starting to get cold. Looks like she had other plans with it. Sheldon and I have made a decision that she no longer gets beds with stuffing in them. This mess took me almost 1 HOUR and I think it was five 13 gallon garbage bags to clean up. I made Harli sit on the porch (without getting up) and watch me clean up the mess as her discipline. I think she knew she was in trouble because she didn't even think about moving the whole time I was cleaning up.


Despite her few episodes of naughtiness Harli still graduated from puppy training. We actually can't complain, she is a really good dog and one of the cutest might I add :).

Receiving her certificate from her trainer.


Last but not least! In September (holy moly I haven't posted in forever!) we went on a hike up Adam's Canyons. Just looking at these pictures makes me sick of the snow already. The leaves were in the process of changing and they were gorgeous.

That's all the memories for now!