Monday, October 12, 2009

Angel turned Demon

Hmmm....somehow my angel turned into a demon over night. This is what I found the other morning when I went to get Harli out of her kennel to let her outside.

Bed stuffing everywhere!

NAUGHTY HARLI! (Her eyes are such a crazy color they even look like little devil eyes in these pictures because of the camera flash.) This was quite a surprise to me. Harlie is such a good dog this incident was out of character for her. But I must say I do believe we are to blame; we put her in her kennel really early the night before and I slept in later than usual too. We also forgot to put her bone/chew toy in the kennel with her so add up all those factors and we get a bored little puppy, which in turns equals a very large mess.

I was laughing so hard. She had stuffing from her bed stuck on her snout. It was so cute, I had to wake up Sheldon to show him and I had to get some pictures. Maybe she turned demon for a night but isn't she still so adorable?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Pictures 2009

One of our wonderful friends is an amazing photographer!!! Sheldon and I have tried to get pictures done every year so one day we will be able to look back and remember each amazing year we have spent together (kinda cheesy but I am serious). Our dear friend Nicole (Nicole Grace Photography) does photography on the side of her day job and she offered to do them for us despite her busy schedule. Nicole is so gifted and she did an AMAZING JOB! Plus she has a wonderful assistant who will even hold all your stuff for you and watch your dog during your photo shoot...her husband! (Thanks Jake).

I know it may seem like we are some of those crazy people who treat their pet like their child but don't worry...we are not, crazy that is. Or I guess I would like to think we are not...don't judge me. We just love Harli so much. She is very much a part of our little family and will be for a very long time, even after our little ones come. So of course Harli had to be in our family pictures. Nicole shot some great pics of her. I am pretty sure she is one of the cutest dogs ever...and one of the best.

I know there are a lot of photos of us...sorry. I tried to condense the post by putting some of our favorites in a collage rather than posting each photo individually. I just had to showcase Nicole's talent. She has a great eye for this stuff and there is a lot of variety in her work.

If you are looking to get some pictures done you should definitely check out Nicole's photography blog, Nicole Grace Photography at
It has some samples of her work. She recently did some amazing new born photos our friends Michelle and Justin's baby, baby Tate. You have to check them out! She is very reasonable too.