Sunday, December 5, 2010


We are keeping up with our tradition! We went to the Tran Siberian Orchestra concert again this year and loved it as usual. This year was especially great because some of our good friends Jake and Nicole decided to join us. Also, Luck was on our side because after a major mishap our seats were upgraded for free!

We went to dinner at Z'tejas at the Gateway before the show. (I LOVE this place simply because of one amazing salad they have...and of course now I can't remember the name of it to tell you but it is the only chopped salad on the menu. Try it if you have the chance.)

I snapped the rest of these during the show. I am not really sure why they have the no camera rule since EVERYBODY, including me had a camera there. I am glad I was able to get some decent shots even with my crappy camera!

It is one of the best shows I have ever been too! If you have never been you must go at least once. If you love music and have an open mind, you will appreciate it!

I also have to share these pics of my dear Harli. She had the time of her life this year during the first snow of the season. She ran around so fast in the backyard I was afraid she was going to hurt herself because she was slipping and sliding around everywhere. She LOVES it!

If you look really hard in the back ground, past the snow flakes, you can see Harli running around.

One of the great things about Harli is that her fur is water resistant because she is a water hunting dog so we can just brush the snow and water drops off her and she is not even wet! But that feature makes baths hard; we have to drench her several times before we can soak her down.

We hope the holiday season is going well for you all so far! I have just been working on the house like crazy and Sheldon is finishing up the semester. We recently went to the doctor again and heard baby's very healthy heartbeat, which was a joyous sound! Next time we will find out if we are bringing a boy or girl into the world! I, along with my parents, most friends, coworkers and our Sunday school class believe a little girl is cookin'. However, Sheldon and his mom think it is a boy. We shall see, we shall see! BUT I can't stress enough that Sheldon and I don't care what we have. Our instincts are not indicative of what we want, just what we think. We have waited so long to start our family and that is what we want is a family, not a baby with a certain gender. But now that the reality of the pregnancy is setting in I am getting the biggest itch to shop and decorate!!! It would probably be wise for my wallet not to find out what we are having until it makes it's entrance into the world, but let's face it...we all know that is never going happen. So far we have been very laid back and sometimes forgetful that we are having a child because it has been so long with just the two of us. We have not even bought one single baby item, which I think is impressive being almost 4 months. But as soon as we know a gender, decisions will start to be made, especially regarding a name (as many of you know choosing a name will be a dilemma for Sheldon and I) and baby items will start to accumulate in our house. So, we will keep you posted.