Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Festivities

I am still recovering from my holiday vacation. I hate going back to work after two weeks off! It almost doesn't even make the vacation worth it....isn't that a horrible thing to say? It is a good thing I love my job! Anyway, our holidays were wonderful and I just thought I would share some pictures from our festivities.


Ugly Sweater Party 2009

We started the holidays off with the best Ugly Sweater Party. We laughed hysterically the entire night. We have the best friends who all know how to have a good time!

Sheldon's sweater wasn't so much as ugly as it was creepy.

Jake showing off his hot new white elephant jacket.

One of the couples who came to the party own a limo so they brought it along and we used it as transportation for the idea ever, we had a blast!

We can always count on Kami to get a little wild...haha!

Who said Nicklecade is just for kids? Talk about ghetto fun! Sheldon loves the place. I love it too, the ghettoness of it cracks me up.

Lets just say Nicole has an addiction...OK maybe I introduced her to this game machine but it is the most addicting Nicklecade game ever. We literally spent ALL our nickles at this one game machine. When you put nickles in the machine it fills up a table of nickles and pushes nickles that can't fit over the edge. It pays out the most tickets and that is why we love it. Is that considered gambling? :)

This is when Jake won the 500 tickets jackpot on our machine. He was so elated.

And this is 1minute later when Bree won the 750 tickets jackpot on another machine and stole Jake's thunder.


Christmas 2009!

Harli was so excited to open presents she kept giving me lots of kisses!

Sheldon opening his first present, can you feel the anticipation?

Love my new comfy boots...just thought I would model them for you.

Sheldon's parents opening their presents.

This is the only other picture I got to snap of the family on Sheldon's side on Christmas. Brad giving a big smile!

My brother Andrew, his girlfriend Stephanie and her little one Kyson.

My sister Becca

Becca got a Wii and Wii fit for Christmas and Sheldon tested it out for her. I was laughing hysterically watching Sheldon do the ski jump. He would stick out his bum when he squat right before the jump; it was so funny looking. Check out that nice booty!

I decided to re-gift Harli.
Just kidding, that would never happen. I got distracted when I was cleaning up the wrapping paper mess from gift opening. So cute and so patient.


Happy New Year!!!

Unfortunately on New Years Eve Sheldon happened to find some old fireworks that we ironically had stashed away. For this I apologize to my neighbors.

TROUBLE! Sheldon and Jake were setting these off right outside my back door! I really was scared and a little frustrated when I was taking these pictures. However I think the picture taking just reinforced the behavior. Sometimes Sheldon is crazy, hence the crazy face.

Jake and Nicole bringing in the new year.

And finally, our first picture of 2010!

Happy New Year!!! We hope 2010 brings you all great things!