Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Some people have reminded me that I haven't made a post in forever. That is because life in our home has been insanely crazy! In addition to the craziness of jobs, Sheldon's school and preparing for baby we are trying to finish up the house remodel. For those of you who know us well and visit us often you know that our stairs have been ripped up for OVER 6 months! I guess I am admitting this has been a source of frustration to say the least! Sheldon got a little ambitious and ripped up all the carpet on the stairs over 6 months ago and then his busiest school semesters and intense (but wonderful) job hit. So, progress is slow but finally moving forward. We keep running into glitches with the hardwood but the glitches are almost worked out. Here are some pictures of our most recent construction. This is actually the best they have looked in 6 months and they are still missing the wood treads! Hopefully I will be able to show the final result in my next post....knock on wood. They are a little dangerous right now with no treads or spindles...good thing we don't have kids running around yet!


Moving on from the construction chaos! In February some close friends and I threw a shower for our wonderful friend Bree. It was so fun helping Bree and Tyler prepare for baby Tydan. It has been so fun having such a close friend to experience pregnancy with! I believe I am about 24 weeks and Bree is about 30 weeks in this picture. I love these girls! (L to R Danielle, Bree, and Nicole) So, Bree and I were supposed to be about 6 weeks apart but baby Tydan decided to make his entrance into the world about 3 1/2 weeks early! He was born this past weekend and is such a beautiful little baby with the cutest head of hair. Nicole, Jake, Sheldon and I were lucky enough to get to visit Bree, Tyler, and baby Tydan in the hospital. Bree is such a beautiful mommy and Tyler such a happy daddy! Only two of the pictures on my camera worked out so I don't have a close up of baby Tydan or any with Tyler.

Next, a baby shower of my own! A couple weeks ago my in-laws threw me an awesome baby shower with Sheldon's side of the family. I just want to say THANK YOU to my in-laws for all their hard work and everyone who came to support and help us prepare for our baby Crew. The support is greatly appreciated and we love all the gifts!

After the shower with some of Sheldon's family and my mom.

I had to include a picture of these adorable little party goodies Amber made for the shower. They were chocolate covered rice crispy treats with the baby's name and anticipated arrival date. They tasted as good as they looked too!


Finally, more baby bump pictures! (Krista, these are mostly for you because you begged for them when we talked on the phone and they will prove to you that I AM growing BIG! Hopefully we can see each other soon so you can see for yourself in person!)

This is around 26 weeks...right around time time my belly seem to quadruple in size over night.

This is around 27 weeks.

And most recently, 30 1/2 weeks.

Time is flyin' by! I can't believe we only have a couple more months to go but at the same I can't believe my belly has to expand for that much longer! Despite the discomfort I want him to be healthy and full term so I will not complain :)