Thursday, September 25, 2008

The BEST way to watch "So You Think You Can Dance".... definitely LIVE! Thanks to Michelle who picked up my ticket for me I was able to go the concert tour and it was AWESOME! We really didn't know what to expect but the show exceeded my expectations. It was so much different than watching it on TV. I know I am a little obsessed, maybe too obsessed, but it sure is dang good entertainment. Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures during the concert but we snapped some after for memories sake. And poor Sheldon, he missed out on the whole thing! (ha, ha)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cruise Vacation

We finally were able to take a MUCH needed vacation (ahhh)! It was quite an adventure and we had SO MUCH FUN!!! Thanks to our traveling buddies-well we are friends even when we are not traveling, but you get my point-we never had a dull moment. We had so many laughs and good times despite our major cruise disappointment (read below). So here is a run-down of our trip with some pics.

Sheldon and I decided to spend a night in San Diego, where our cruise started and ended, so we left a day early. We went to La Jolla beaches, visited the beutiful temple, and explored the city. I also must comment on our hotel-it was amazing! I love interior design and architecture so I didn't want to stay in a cookie cutter hotel when we were in SD; I wanted to stay in a hotel that was unique. So I chose The Bristol, it is a historic building with a lot of architectual detail but with modern interior design. Before we actually arrived Sheldon was extremely paranoid because the hotel is known for being trendy and unique, so it attracts the same kind of people if you know what I mean. Sheldon repeatedly told me he wanted to stay at the Hilton-boring! But he was pleasantly suprised!

The next day we met up with friends and went cruising! Our cruise was scheduled to go to Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada. The disapointment was that we cruised all the way down to Cabo and were told we could not get off the ship becuase of a "dangerous tropical storm"-oh ha Carnival! So we didn't even get off the ship for 3 1/2 days! The plus side is we still had a blast. We past the time by going to the cruise line activities and shows, playing basketball and volleyball, laying out under the sun, swimming, playing cards, and of course eating and sleeping!

We finally got off the ship in Ensenada where we spent about 10 hours. Ensenada was awesome! It definitely made up for Cabo. We were literally the first ones off the boat we were so excited to be on land. In Ensenada we rented 4-wheelers and drove them on the Mexico highway (I know we are crazy! I still can't believe we did that and that it is legal!) all the way to La Bufadora. It took about 45 minutes for us to get to La Bufadora on the quads but it was SO worth it! The views were breath-taking and the blow hole was pretty cool too. We did some shopping and ate some real Mexican food. We also went off-roading and drove to the top of a very large mountain where we were able to see for miles-it was so beautiful. Later we rode back to Ensenada and spent some time at the beach.

Despite missing Cabo our trip was a success! Justin and Michelle and Missy and Jared were exicited to get back home to see their kids, but Sheldon and I could have stayed on vacation forever. We miss it already! Thanks for the fun friends!