Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Growing Boy

I know that every parent says this but my baby really is growing so fast! I have never taken so many pictures in my life. I find myself trying to document almost everyday with pictures in fear I will forget some of these precious moments. Crew is 9 weeks old now and is looking more and more like a little boy rather than a newborn baby. Words can't explain how blessed I feel to have this little guy as my son. I could stare at him all day and never get tired of it. I am extremely grateful I have the opportunity to stay at home with him everyday. It is the best job in the world! Here are some pictures of Crew during his second month of life, weeks 4-9.

Just relaxin'!

Here is his "thinker's face" again

Crew and his best buddy Tydan


Michelle said...

Love that little guy! He's so stinkin' cute! Makes me baby hungry when I hold him. Being a Mom is so wondeful isn't it! Now you understand why I was so estactic for you :)!?

McCall said...

He's darling!

Kent, Krista and Family said...

He looks SOOO much like Sheldon, IMO. He is DARN cute! And I love his thinker face. Too, too cute!