Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feelin Crafty

It's true, I have been having an itch to sew, craft, change things in my house, etc. Lucky for me Crew had to have a stocking for his first Christmas so I decided to make one for each of us. I love how cheap you can make stuff for! I made three stockings for the price you can buy one in a store. Plus I still have enough fabric to make more for future kids so they will match. I wanted stockings with a classic but slightly modern look. I played around with some fabrics and this is what I got!

I tend to get bored of decor quickly so I decided to make these stockings with two different sides. One side with color and pattern for a fun, modern look and the other a simple neutral burlap.

I didn't get them finished this year but I will add some red rope with embellished name tags dangling on the end to this side for a pop of color and so they wont be so boring. However, I like the neutral classic look because I will be able to use them for a long time, even if I change my decor

They were so fun to make but the craft itch still isn't out of my system so I am thinking pillows next. Stay tuned...


Nicole said...

Those look fantastic! You are so good. Did you make a pattern for the stockings?

Kent, Krista and Family said...

Those are AWESOME!!! I need to do something creative like this, but I'm not creative. I have to find things and then try to recreate them. 98% of the time they dont' turn out. I have stopped trying. These are WAY cute.