Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Crew

Baby Crew deserves an update post of his own so here we go...

This is a pic from our first ultrasound at 10 weeks. He looks like an angel with a halo, I love it! We were so excited to see our peanut at the first ultrasound, but Sheldon and I were even more thrilled when we saw him for the first time and he was flapping his little nubs around like crazy. It was such an amazing thing!

Right before Christmas we went to our 16 week appointment to find out if our peanut was a boy or girl. I will never forget the grin that came over Sheldon's face when we were told it was a boy. I really thought we were going to have a girl first but Sheldon said we were going to have a boy. We didn't care if it was a boy or a girl, but Sheldon just wanted to be right. The ultrasound tech, kept saying "Looks like you have a boy" and we just had to trust her expertise because we couldn't see it but we were so happy!

I loved seeing his profile and his little body. Turns out he is quite the hyperactive little one.

Everybody, including myself, thinks this next picture is a little scary of him but Sheldon LOVES it. He says it is his favorite of all the pictures we have of him. YIKES! I guess his little skeleton is kind of cute though.

These are from our 20 week (technically almost 21 weeks) ultrasound. This is a picture of his face with his hand up to his mouth.
And now we can see for ourselves that he is DEFINITELY a BOY. Haha, he put on a pretty good show!

Finally, my first baby bump photos! I have not been taking pictures and documenting as often as I would like to but that is what happens when life is so crazy! This is me at 14 weeks (excuse the construction in the background, that is to be explained in another post all on it's own)
(I am not sure why I have such a weird, mischievous look on my face??? Just pay attention to the bump, not my face :)

This is at 16 weeks

This is me at 19 weeks. I think I felt him move a little bit prior to this, but I definitely felt him move at 19 1/2 weeks. It was January 11th to be exact. I was sitting in court for work and all of a sudden it felt like someone had flicked me from the inside. At first I was startled and then when I realized what it was I just smiled. I am pretty sure people around me were wondering why I was randomly smiling in court regarding a very serious case...oops!
And finally 22 weeks

We can't wait to meet our baby Crew. Time seems to be going by so fast and everyday it seems more and more real as he kicks me and moves around like crazy. Sometimes, usually at night, it seems like he is having a little dance party in my belly. Although we can't wait to meet him we have plenty to do to get ready for the biggest change of our lives. We finally have some baby gear and a room for his nursery. I will post pictures of the house construction and the nursery soon (hopefully).

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Holidays (better late than never :)

I am finally getting around to posting about the holidays. The holidays are so long gone I debated even making this post. It is an understatement saying I haven't had any time and even less energy. But, my baby in my belly and the stresses of life are making falling asleep difficult these days so I figured instead of laying in bed wide awake doing nothing I should at least be productive. So, here is a brief glimpse of our 2010 holidays.


Miss Harli knows how to spend holidays! She does enough sleeping for both Sheldon and I. Yes, we envy her.

Looks like she has such a tough life huh? She actually should be in trouble here because she is on my carpet and not on her bed, which is like 5 inches away from her! I swear she lays on the carpet instead of her bed to spite me. Anyway, I couldn't get mad at her...she just looked so comfy and cute.

Again, Harli knows how to celebrate the holidays! (don't worry, we don't give our pup eggnog just the empty bottles:)

We kicked off the holiday's with Nicole and Jake's annual Ugly Sweater Party. We helped out by holding the party at our place and we had so much fun! We are so lucky to have such an amazing group of friends!

Sheldon and I in our ugly sweaters (and Sheldon's gangsta hat??? not sure what that was about)

Playing Minute to Win It

We also had a Wii dance party. I love the faces on these girls in this pic. They all look like they are experiencing pure joy! Especially Danielle there in the front, she is having too much fun :)


We spent Christmas Eve with Sheldon's family and had tons of fun watching the excited little ones. Here they are opening their Christmas jammies.

My darling niece, Scotti and me (and Dave, her daddy there in the corner of the pic)

We spent some time with my family on Christmas. This pic is of my handsome nephew Kyson and my mom. I just love Kyson's face of surprise as he is opening one of his presents in this photo.

My brother Andrew and his family.

We gave Kyson Gator Golf for Christmas and I am pretty sure Sheldon played with it more than Ky did.

My dad cutting the prime rib...yum!

My handsome hubby and me on Christmas day.

My siblings

And finally we brought in the new year with our good friends, Nicole and Jake and Danielle and Alex. We went to a nice dinner at Bistro 258 (I think that is what the place is called) and then we celebrated at Jake and Nicole's.

Jake and Nicole's satellite froze (why do we live in Utah again?) so we couldn't watch the ball drop on TV. We thought of the next best thing which was to watch the ball drop online. So, right before midnight we started setting up the computer to get live footage to watch the ball drop. Shortly after we realized we were looking up LIVE footage of the New Year's Eve Party in New York and the ball had already dropped long before because of the time difference...oops. So, about 5 or 10 minutes after midnight we did our own count down and then jammed out to Mariah Carey's awesome New Years song. It was pretty funny...but maybe you had to be there.
Our first kiss of 2011!

Jammin' out to Mariah Carey...we are awesome :)
We hope your holidays were wonderful and you are having a good 2011 so far!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Exciting News!

First, after 6 years of school, a few internships and over 2 years of professional practice as a therapist I am FINALLY an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)!!! That probably doesn't mean much to a lot of you but I had to share my excitement because it is a big deal in my world. I am finally fully licensed and love it. My goal was to have my license by the time we had our first baby and I am relieved I was able to do it!

And for the BIGGEST news yet. A few weeks ago we found out what we are having. Sheldon and I knew that we would find out what we were having right before Christmas but we had to lie to everybody (sorry about that) and tell people we weren't going to find out until after Christmas because we wanted to surprise our families with a gift on Christmas announcing the sex of the baby. So for those of you who don't already know we are having a ......

We are so very excited. I was kind of surprised because I thought we would have a girl, but I am not disappointed in any way! A lot of other people kept telling me they were convinced it was a girl too. However, Sheldon was guessing that it was a boy and he was right! We know we will call him Crew but we have not decided on his full name yet. We have thought about Sheldon Crew and calling him by his middle name but we are not sure if that will create problems for him. If anyone knows what is like to be known by your middle name rather than your first, or knows someone who does will you please leave a comment with some advice. Is it annoying to always be telling people you go by your middle name rather than your first since all records usually have the first name on it? We have also thought about Crew Alexander, which I love, but it is not sentimental in anyway since there are no family names in it. So, then we are left with Crew Sheldon which we don't think flows very well. I guess we will see. I will post some pictures of the recent ultrasound which show an actual human baby! (unlike the first ultrasound pictures). We hope you all had happy holidays!